Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Homeware Haul

So I've just moved into my new flat and obviously that requires copious amounts of shopping for new bits and pieces. Now I will admit that I do have a slight shopping addiction, but some purchases were actually a necessity! I have an ensuite in my new apartment which means I *had* to buy a whole load of new bathroom bits and bobs because all I had before were mismatched towels! I already made a YouTube video on everything I bought and I'll leave that at the end, but I thought for my blog I would show you where I've put the items in my room and what I ended up using them for.

So since it was purchased for practical reasons lets start with the bathroom bits. Now you might find this very boring but its the little things in life that make me happy! This is my current bathroom storage situation. I bought the little set of two white wicker drawers from Wilko and I'm storing stuff like cotton wool pads, wet wipe, cotton buds and tampons (too much info?) in there, just to neaten up my shelf and keep them out of sight. The wooden box next to it was £14.99 for two different sized boxes (the smaller is listed later) and is what I'm using to put all my products in. I love it because everything is so easily accessible but it looks so much neater than just having all my products loose on the shelf.

I bought a little black pedal bin from Wilko for £3 - yep that's right, best £3 I ever spent! And I also bought a white wicker toilet roll holder since weirdly there is no toilet roll holder in my bathroom so I had to get a freestanding one.

I got a wooden white bath mat for when I get out of the shower because a) it requires much less washing and cleaning than a towelling one would and b) it looks awesome. This was from Argos for £9.99 so maybe a bit expensive for a bath mat but I love it so I don't care :)

I got this soap dispenser from Wilko too and I just think its so cool. All the other ones I saw on my massive shopping spree were either really boring or really cheap looking. Considering this was like £2 I'm really impressed that its proper ceramic and all embossed and stuff. There's a matching tumbler I want too but its out of stock at the minute - god damn!

The following item doesn't look as nice in the photo as it does in real life, its a very dark browny/red metal - real old fashioned iron work looking. Now I'm aware I have a lot of necklaces and it may look a bit messy, but believe it or not it is organised chaos even if you can't quite understand my system!

I also bought this letter E tea light holder which may seem a bit random since my name doesn't begin with an E, but you'll have to watch my YouTube video to understand the story behind it and the reason for its placement in my room!

I have wanted a knitted throw for soooooo long and this is by far the purchase which has made me most happy! The photo doesn't do the size of it justices because its all folded up but its a double duvet size and its super soft. It was £30 from Home Sense, which is pretty expensive I think but I've wanted one for ages and they are all pretty much the same price so I'm happy I finally bit the bullet. All I need now is some knitted cushions too....

I have also wanted a little black desk lamp like this for quite some time. It seems like a pretty basic thing, but I haven't really used a desk properly ever in my whole life, and I'm really trying to make the most of my desk in my new room - so far so good!

The box is the smaller half of the set which is pictured earlier in my bathroom holding all of my products, I wasn't too sure what I was going to do with this one but I really like the look of my candles in there and it also means I don't have to worry about wax going everywhere! 

Finally, I bought this cute little wooden box, holder thing from Home Sense just to hold all our cooking equipment in. Our drawers in the flat are pretty shallow and we don't have all that much storage in general so I thought it would look nice to have all this stuff on display and save on our drawer space.

So that's everything I've bought so far aside from a set of black towels, but I'm pretty certain I'll be doing another homeware haul pretty soon, I think I might even like it more than clothes shopping!? Is that even possible? I'll leave my YouTube video below so you can see the products and a bit more of a description about them, and you can find out why I bought the 'E'!


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