Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Film: Pompeii

*****Includes Spoilers!*****

When I first saw the adverts for Pompeii I was so so so excited. I've been fascinated by the historical disaster since I saw it on an episode of Blue Peter as a kid, and the film looked right up my street judging by the trailer. Of course it helped that Kit Harrington was the lead male, and I haven't seen Emily Browning in a lead since SuckerPunch so overall I was brimming with excitement! Unfortunately, after watching it, I felt a little disappointed with the film. Now don't get me wrong, I did enjoy it, it just didn't live up to the expectations I had been building up in my head.

I've only ever seen Kit as Jon Snow in Game of Thrones and I am a massive fan of the series and Jon's storyline, but when I watched Pompeii I kind of felt like someone had just picked up Jon Snow and put him in a different setting. Kit plays Milo in Pompeii and the character is essentially the same: skilled fighter of few words with pretty hair and muscles who is constantly suppressed and underestimated by his superiors. Because of this Kit's acting starting to irritate me. I thought he was putting on a petulant, bad-smell-under-my-nose face for the character of Jon Snow because that's just who he was - turns out its just Kit's normal face. He evidently suffers very severely with chronic bitch face. I started to feel like maybe Kit only has one character in his acting ammunition, and this kind of ruined the film a bit for me. Now I won't lie, I did swoon pretty heavily when Milo first stepped onto the screen with his incredibly chiselled chest (see below), but after the initial jaw-drop it was pretty much downhill for me.

Aside from Kit's acting skills the film was pretty good. The storyline between Milo and Emily Browning's character Cassia is sweet, although I didn't really believe the passion and their story lines were pretty predictable, but then I wasn't really expecting many scandals in the love department from this film. The film's main genre isn't really romance, its an action film, the plot just happens to follow a couple. When you look at their story in terms of the big picture of what was happening in Pompeii at this time its just a small insight into how life was carrying on right until the end. Now here comes the spoiler. There was a time where it looked like Milo and Cassia might escape Mount Vesuvius's destruction and live happily ever after and this could not have irritated me more! In reality they had left it far too late to try and escape the carnage of the volcano and the film would have lost all credibility in my eyes if they had escaped. As it turned out they did die, and I did like the ending of the film....not just because they died when I thought they were going to get a fairy tale ending, but because the end scene is of the couple embracing as the ash and lava crashes over them, when it clears the couple are in the same position, set in stone forever. How realistic this is I don't know, but I like the sentiment as cheesy as it is!

Overall: 3/5


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