Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Online Lusting

I really want to take some outfit posts but unfortunately it looks like I won't be doing that for a couple of weeks at least. Its been so miserable in Manchester recently so the lighting in my room is appalling even though I have two massive windows which let in loads of light. Also I have ridiculous amounts of Uni work to do and very little motivation, which means it is very slow progress. So for now, until the light gets better and I have a bit more time on my hands I'll have to make do with alternative posts. This is an outfit I have been lusting after recently, I absolutely love this jacket from Promod and I definitely adding that bag to my payday wish list!

Casual-outfits #1

Dress: Misguided
Leggings: Misguided
Jacket: Promod
Boots: Ted Baker
Bag: Misguided
Bracelet: Promod
Earings: Tom Shot
Nail Varnish: Barry M (Peach Melba)

I normally love to do nail art on my finger nails, but recently I've really been loving the simplicity of just one colour all over. I think with short, square nails it can look so sophisticated. I have this shade of Barry M myself, and while I do love it, it does need quite a few coats to get a proper solid colour.


  1. Leather pants are my thing right now. I got a nice pair from H&M for £15 ! sweeet :)

  2. ahh those boots are fabulous! Just found your blog and started following :)

    Hannah xx


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