Friday, 10 January 2014

Monthly Minis

I recently saw a post on Lyzi's blog (Being Little) where she said she would like to make a feature of mini monthly goals. I think this is an EXCELLENT idea and really want to try it out for myself. It will help me keep on top of my goals in a manageable fashion and it will motivate me to blog more as I have a regular fixture I need to keep on top of. Also I think I would enjoy reading this type of post on someone else's blog because it would motivate me to order my own life a bit more, so I hope this can be a little bit inspirational for whoever reads it, and that you enjoy this kind of post too.

So with out further ado, January's mini goals:

University Work. By the end of January I want to have 6,000 words of my dissertation done, and one essay for another module which is due later in the year. (That's the boring and completely uninteresting one out of the way! It just feels better to have it in writing.)

Savings. Everyday I want to put £2 into a money jar. This sounds like a silly amount, but I'm going to see how well I stick to it in January, then if all goes well I intend to do it for the whole year. I'll put the money jar contents into my savings account at the end of each month and by this time next year I'll be £730 richer - not a ginormous amount, but for just £2 a day I think that's a pretty exciting yearly bonus!

Sell on Ebay. Every now and then I purge my wardrobe and sell things on Ebay, I haven't done it for a couple of months and I think that time has come again. I'll put a link to my ebay account on here when I start selling for anyone who stumbles across my posts and would like a nosey!

Homemade Lunches. When I go to work I tend to buy food on my break instead of taking homemade food in, this wastes money and tends to be unhealthier than anything I would make at home. So this month I only intend to take in homemade lunches to eat at work!

I've been so good with blogposts this week, I'm not promising I'll be able to keep it up but I am setting out with the best of intentions!


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  1. That it a pretty good idea!
    I wrote mine out on the phone and am thinking of spreading some stickie notes around the house, in plain sight.

    {Teffy's Perks} X


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