Thursday, 10 October 2013

Working Girl

I'm not sure if I mentioned in any earlier posts about my summer but I'll give a brief explaination. Basically, I got a job at Monsoon in May and left New Look to work there, however, because I was doing a lot of travelling this summer I wasn't able to stay on at Monsoon long and had to leave, which was sad because everyone there was so nice and I really like the job! But luckily they gave me my job back when I finally came back to Manchester in late August ready for the new term. So because this outfit is playing a big part in my wardrobe right now I thought I would share it with you all. I do get an allowance and discount, but Monsoon clothes are pretty pricey on a part time wage so I've yet to amass a collection of several pieces, I am making it my mission though.

Jumer -Monsoon
Trousers - Monsoon
Necklace - Accessorize
Bracelet - Accessorize
Shoes - Primark

Although this outfit is much preppier than my normal style I actually really like it. And the trousers fit so well, they pull in your tummy and fit perfectly on the bum ;)



  1. The peter pan collar is so pretty! I do tend to treat myself at monsoon during xmas, they have such pretty clothes. So lucky to be getting discount! x

  2. Cute necklace!

  3. I love your jumper! You look wonderful! x

  4. I love the jumper! Monsoon is a great shop, I always try on the dresses when I go in. x


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