Monday, 14 October 2013

Too Try Hard?

I literally could not look more hipster if I tried today. Got my beanie hat on and my oversized glasses...and no before you ask I do not need glasses, my eyes work perfectly well on their own - these have plastic lenses and I am wearing them purely as an accessory because apparently that's just how pretentious I am these days! I was stood in front of the mirror for ages with this outfit deciding whether or not I looked like I was trying too hard to be cool, then I decided I didn't care - I like the geek glasses and beanie combo, and if it makes me look like a try-hard-pretentious-hipster then so be it.

In other news I am in love with this burgandy/purple scarf from Zara, I bought it a few weeks back while visiting the Boy in Leeds and I've barely taken it off since. I love the colour, the texture, the thickness - but most of all I like how long it is. I really despise scarves that are too short, I generally just wrap this scarf around the once because I like the length of the dangley bits but if it was really cold outside I could wrap it round twice with enough scarf left over to hang down. Well done Zara, you made a good'n!

 Hat - Primark
Glasses - Ebay
Top - New Look (old)
Scarf - Zara
Necklace - H&M
Leggings - Miss Selfridge
Boots - New Look (old)

The weather outside has been so miserable and grey these past couple of days and I think that's why I went for dreary, dull colours for this outfit. Having said that I am a big fan of blacks and greys and often wish it was more socially acceptable to wear them throughout summer! Yesterday I literally sent the whole day in bed watching films, doing uni work, reading blogs, catching up on Youtube and chowing down Dominos with my housemate - what a perfect Sunday!

Seriously am in desperate need of a new camera, this one is okay to use on nights out or whatever but for blogging the quality is completely hit and miss. For example, clear as a bell in that last photo, but the one before looks like I've smeared Vaseline all over the lens before I took it!!



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  3. Lovely outfit! :)

  4. Looking very lovely. The pink beanie is a nice choice to an all-black outfit. ;)

  5. I love the scarves in Zara, they're chunky and warm and delicious!
    Teffy { Teffys Perks Blog } X

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  7. This pink beanie looks so good on you <3

  8. Love the scarf looks so warm and cosy! Great outfit girl!
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  9. Nice style !

  10. I loveee this outfit and I love your hair !! xxx


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