Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Nars Foundation Review

I've heard so many good things about Nars products but I've never actually tried any of them for myself. I am a massive fan of Tanya Burr and she always raves about Nars products in her Youtube videos, so I decided it was high time I see what all the fuss is about. Being completely unfamiliar with the brand (and because I have a slight ebay obsession right now) I decided to have a look around on ebay and see if I could pick up any bargains before I paid full price for a new item. It was actually my intention of coming away with a tester sized product, but I found this 30ml foundation for a third of its retail price and thought why not?

I bought the Nars firming foundation in Deauville. Now I'm aware that traditionally firming foundation is meant for older ladies who want to plump up their older skin and probably reduce the appearance of wrinkles. But its never too early to start right? And I figure maybe if I'm using firming product now then by the time I am old that my skin will be that of a twenty something's....sound logic yeah?

I was so excited when it arrived, and used it that day while getting ready for a night out. It instantly became my favourite ever foundation, and my housemate commented on how amazing my skin looked! Although its in a shade which is slightly too light for me at the minute I can't fault the finish it gives to your skin. I decided to edge on the side of caution when buying and go lighter, since its really hard to pick a colour match on the internet and also, its coming up to winter and I'm bound to get paler in the next few months!

I prefer foundation which gives quite a good, heavy coverage - not because I have particularly bad skin but just because I like my skin to look flawless if possible, and when I wear light foundations I always feel like I have no make up on! I wouldn't say Nars is too heavy, but it does a really good job at evening out any imperfections, blemishes or changes in skin tone. Because of the even skin tone it gives me I definitely feel like I'm wearing make up with it on, although its a very light texture and it feels very natural on your skin.

So even though I've only been using this foundation for less than a week, it has quickly flown to the top of my list for go-to gorgeous-skin-foundation. And even though I'm trying not to use it everyday but save it for special days, its proving a very hard challenge.


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  1. Great review! I've never actually tried it but might give it a go!


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