Friday, 18 October 2013

Aumtumn Beauty Favourites

So today I tried something completely new to me and pretty scary - I filmed my first YouTube video! Its been something I've been wanting to do for a while, but not had the courage to do, and even now I've filmed a video which doesn't have me in it at all because I'm not quite ready to hear the sound of my own voice on the internet. I decided to do a video for this post because I was having a hard job photographing my make up this morning and I thought videoing my pieces might be a bit easier. I'll talk you through some of my pieces on here anyway since I didn't want to do a voice over and I'd like to explain a little about some of my choices.

Nail Varnishes

As you can probably tell I'm a bit of a nail varnish addict, and I am certainly planning on doing some nail art tutorials on here in the future. I love Barry M nail varnish - as you can probably see for yourself. I love the range of colours that they do, the brush inside is easy to use too, they are brilliantly priced and they look brilliant when they are all side by side on the mini shelves I keep all my varnishes on.
Barry M Cappuccino -  This is my go-to varnish when I want something natural looking.
Barry M Rasberry -  The colour I'm wearing today, its the perfect deep pink autumn shade.
Barry M Wild Purple -  This is a bit shimmery and I love combining this colour with Rasberry in my nail art.
Topshop Spilled Milk -  My least autumny shade, but recently I have been loving white with some glittery bits fading down the nail.
Barry M Ruby Glitter - The newest addition to my collection and by far my favourite glitter shade to date!
Topshop Rust -  I bought this in summer so I'm not sure if its still available but it reminds me of fallen leaves!
Barry M Esspresso -  I haven't tried this matte varnish yet but it was recommended by a friend, and after being disappointed with Topshop's matteness I'm excited to try one with a little more promise!
Barry M Watermelon -  This teal colour has been a firm favourite of mine all year.
Barry M Grey -  This varnish is so old but I wear it all the time - a testament to Barry M's quality & longevity


Until recently I only wore eyeshadow on nights out or special occasions, but recently I've been wearing it daily and I really like it because I feel like I've been stuck in a bit of a rut with my make up - I like my basic face routine but its nice to change it up sometimes. I have quite a few quad pallets but they are really old so I only featured my newest eyeshadows in the video since they are the ones I've been wearing most recently. 

MAC Orb - I actually bought Orb in the spring time when I had my make up done at MAC, the girl who did my make up said its a really underestimated colour and no one tends to pick it because it doesn't look much in the pot, but it's the most beautiful colour. It's radiant, and I know that sounds like an exaggeration but trust me its not!
MAC Omega - I wanted a neutral, matte colour that I could wear with minimal make up that would also go nicely with Orb and I found the perfect neutral product in Omega. It's a really subtle but beautiful colour.
MAC Swiss Chocolate - This was a complete impulse buy, once I had found Omega I lingered around the MAC eyeshadow counter, I was really looking for a nice autumnal burgundy but when I swatched them they all seemed to come out purple. On a whim I tried out Swiss Chocolate and fell in love, it was the perfect colour to complete my brown/beige MAC trio.


I wanted to put a few lipsticks in this section, at least two anyway! But it appears I don't really have any autumnal shades they are all pinks and peaches at the minute. I'm not a big lipstick wearer anyway, although I have gotten into it more recently but I just find them quite faffy, you have to reapply and constantly check they haven't smudged or gone on your teeth!

Kate Moss for Rimmel 01 - I have rebought this lipstick twice now and I think it is an essential for all make up bags whatever the time of year. But I do think it is particularly appropriate for aumtumn/winter because it's such a deep hue. More pinky or orangey reds are good for summer because they are bright and colourful but I do love a good vampy lip in the autumn. Speaking of does anyone have any recomendations for more dark red lipsticks? Maybe with a bit more purple in them than this one? I've been on the hunt for the perfect shade for a year or so now and still not found quite what I'm looking for!

Sorry about the lengthy post today! Please watch my YouTube video, it would mean the world to me even if only a couple of people saw it - I will definitely be posting some more soon, and hopefully getting a better quality camera to shoot with!


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