Sunday, 7 July 2013

Stripes and Peplum

I wore this outfit months ago back when I wasn't blogging, and I really wanted to share it so I recreated it a couple of days ago to share with you all, except I substituted my leather jacket for this cropped Jersey number because of all the hot weather we've been experiencing these past few days!

Don't know why I decided to put my hair in a ponytail for this because I literally never do. If I'm going to have my hair up I normally put it in a bun or a plait. But in all honesty, I quite like the high pony look - very sporty spice! Haha

 Striped Tee - Topshop
Cropped Jersey Jacket - New Look (Old)
Peplum Skirt - Misguided
Necklace - Miss Selfridge
Earings - Primark
Shoes - New Look

I bought this Barry M gel nail varnish on Wednesday and have fallen in love with it! Its such a perfect statement colour, to go with any outfit. But now I really want a clutch or a bracelet the same colour for a bit more of a statement, so I can wear it with a plain black dress on a night out.

Hope you liked this outfit! You may also notice the background has changed, this is because (if you didn't read in my last post) I've now moved house, and this is a sneak peak at my new room. At some point I will do some kind of room/house tour for you all to see. Let me know if that's something you would be interested in by commenting below. Thanks for reading, I know its been a long time but I will be far more regular from now on!


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  1. love your jacket! And your earrings :)

    Holly xoxo


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