Monday, 8 July 2013

Into Shirts

Recently I have been a little obsessed with shirts. I'm not exactly sure where this obsession has come from because I never used to be a big fan, being much more of a tshirt kinda girl, but recently I seemed to be taking a more sophisticated approach to the way I dress. Now when I say shirts I feel I must elaborate. As nice as I think buttoned up, perfectly ironed, tucked in shirts look on those who can pull of the preppy look, that kind of thing isn't really me. I would love to be a neat person, but I'm not and my style reflects that. If I'm wearing a shirt with a collar it will always be unbuttoned to create a v, or left open over a vest. I guess I veer towards the blouse scale of the shirt spectrum, preferring my shirts to be loose fitted and relaxed. 
 Shirt - H&M
Skirt - Ark
Shoes - New Look
Necklace - New Look
Earings - Matalan?
Aztec Ring - Monsoon

This shirt is from H&M, I got it early this year and I did actually feature it in my post on my trip to Ireland here, back in March. I am in love with everything about this shirt. It was primarily the colour which drew me to it, but the fabric is lovely too, its like a faux silk but it doesn't cause static which is brilliant because I hate when silk shirts stick to your wobbly bits!! I also like how the collar lies flat, as I said I'm not a fan of the buttoned up look on me, my neck isn't long enough to carry that off and my boobs just look ridiculous in high necked tops.

This skirt is also one of my favourite pieces at the minute, I got it about six months ago from Ark but my friend actually has the exact same one and she bought it from Motel - so shop around! I find this skirt really versatile for day and night wear, and since I wear a lot of black at night its good to brighten up your outfit with a little bit of blue!

Now I have no idea where half of this jewellery if from! The necklace is from New Look and is one of the last things I bought with my staff discount, and I have worn it such a lot this summer. The ring on the middle finger of my left hand (if you were me) is from Monsoon, and I'm pretty sure the earings are from Matalan. The earings are actually my Mum's that she lent me for my cousins wedding, they were originally a very short dropper but she took the ball off the original earing and swapped it for a longer stem - creative Mummy!

Hmmm apologies for the mess on my bed in that last photo!



  1. Great outfit! I do like the shirt, but I love the skirt.

    Following <3

  2. I really love this blue at the moment! The shirt looks lovely with that skirt too. Oh, and your hair looks nice like that!

  3. lovely skirt!


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