Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Home Sweet Home, Part 1

I've been planning on doing this post for well over a month now, but as some of you may know I've been away from the blogging scene for a while and then when I came back I had other news I wanted to share with you all. So here is the much awaited bedroom post! 

Now as much as I wish I could get a full shot of my room, short of knocking out a wall that's kind of impossible, maybe one day I will start a Youtube channel and you can all get a proper tour but until then I have taken a few shots of parts of my room for you to get an idea of what my home style is. Its a two parter because I have a room at home home in the Midlands where my mum lives, and a room in my home in Manchester. Now my room at home, which is the one I'll be showing you today, is a lot more my style than my Manchester room because I'm only renting up here on a years contract so I can't change my room as much as I'd like to. But I can not WAIT to get a house of my own to play with!

This is the best photo of my whole room because you can see across to the other side in the mirror (yeah I realise its hardly estate agent worthy!) 
 My jewellery box with some of my earrings I took back with my last time I was home, but normally all my jewellery is up in Manchester with me.
This is a very small selection of my book collection, I really love reading, unfortunately I've kind of got out of the habit recently what with uni, work, blogging and general life getting in the way - now really this is no excuse because I've never not read before, no matter how busy my life has been so I really must start again. In fact I've considered adding a monthly book review to my blog, which might actually be a good motivator to encourage me to read again! 
The books on these shelves include: Harry Potter, Twilight, Eragon, Great Expectations, Oliver Twist, Pride and Prejudice, The Time Travellers Wife, 1984, Shakespeare Complete Works, Style by Lauren Conrad and How To Look Good Naked by Gok Wan. 
My mum bought these wall stickers for me a few years ago and they are by far my favourite ones! Since then I have become a tad obsessed with wall stickers, I just think they are such an effective way to decorate your walls without permanently changing them and you can move them around as often as you want, which is awesome for me because I am always moving my room around so need to change my focus wall around quite a lot!
 These are a couple of lanterns my mum has put on my windowsill since I have moved out, but they are really pretty and I am considering trying to smuggle them out of the house so they can come join me in Manchester! 
 This is my desk with two, yes that's right two, cake stands! The first one (left) is a proper cupcake stand which is in my room because it won't really fit in the kitchen without making it look messy, and the second one (right) I bought because I was inspired by an old Youtube room tour video of Dolly Bow Bow's. She used a cake stand like this one to store moisturisers and scrubs etc in, although this was the original plan as you can see I don't actually use it to store cosmetics (yes has baubles in but they are pink and lilac so no one will know what they really are, unless you tell them like I just did....)
The bird houses on the shelf I picked up from charity shops a couple of years ago and the four chickens I knit myself - actually just realised how much I miss knitting, this post is turning out to my lifestyle changing: read again, knit again...
I used to have a whole wall covered in  photos of me and my friends and my family, but as I began to upgrade my room to a more pretty and vintage style, as opposed to the previous messy teenage look I was going for, I needed a nicer way to present my photos. So I started collecting pretty frames and spaced them out on my wall, I never really got to finish it before I left but when I get a house of my own I'm going to move them all there and continue the feature.
This is a bit of a random shot, its my bridesmaid dress I wore for my Mum's friend's wedding when I was four and it hangs on the back of my bedroom door. I wanted to include it because I have always loved the style and the lace is so beautiful, unfortunately I'm a little too big to play dress up in it these days but I still like to admire it from afar!

I hope you like the parts of my Midlands home I've shown you. This is really the ideal style I would have my whole house in if I could! I love girly florals, vintage pieces and neutral colours and when I decorate a house of my very own I think I'll generally go for a Parisian-chic sort of style, but probably with some Gothic twists because I do love chunky wood, exposed brick and wrought iron too - oh the interior design possibilities are endless! Also, let me know if you think doing a monthly book review would be something you'd be interested in reading on this blog, honestly the more I think about it the better an idea it seems!



  1. really in love with your home, hun!
    Wanna follow each other??


  2. Your room is so cute and cool! I have a lot of the same books, haha xoxo


  3. Yay your room post is up! Love the vintage feel to your room especially the mixed photo frames. I dream about decorating my future home, I'm oddly excited about it even though it's a long way off! xo

  4. Gah your room is so lovelyyyy! Looks nice and peaceful too, those lanterns are gorgeous. xx


  5. your room is ADORABLE. want.


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