Sunday, 6 January 2013

Looking Back

Even though we are six days into the New Year, (oh my god thats nearly a week already! Where has 2013 gone??) I just wanted to reflect back on the year a little bit because it's always good to be appreciative of what you have. 2012 has been one of my best years to date, so 2013 has a lot to live up to (although based on the plans I've already made its going to be incredible!). I'm going to write about three of my favourite times from 2012, now this isn't very fashiony/beautyey but I want this blog to be a little piece of me and my life, and like I said I think it's important for us to look back and appreciate what we have!

1/ Blackpool

For my birthday in September my boyfriend took me to Blackpool because I'd never been there before and I had said I would like to go. Also how can I live only a couple of hours from Blackpool and just never go, isn't it like a right of passage for all British kids!? However, since we went in September and this IS England it was raining. Not just drizzley rain but full on, heavy, wind whipping your hair into your face hurricane season rain, we couldn't go up Blackpool tower because it was closed dues to bad weather conditions, as was pleasure beach. So you would think we had a shit time, but it was actually excellent, we went to see the circus, which I would highly recommend to anyone! And we had fish and chips in Harry Ramsdens, despite the atrocious English weather I had a really good day and it is one of my best memories from 2012.

2/ Boardmasters

In August me and my friend Emily travelled down to Newquay, in Cornwall to attend a festival called Boardmasters. Half of the festival centres around music, while the other half is a surfing, skateboarding and bmxing competition. I have done some surfing in the past but I would never call myself a pro, also I haven't surfed in absolutely years so I doubt I can even do it anymore! However, that didn't stop me from admiring from a far because who doesn't like to watch a few lovely surfers every now and then?? We drove down a few days before the actual music festival started and stayed in a campsite just on the outskirts of Newquay so we could turn our weekender festival into a full weeks worth of English holiday antics. We had a couple of lovely days on the beach, did some retail therapy in Newquay's little boutiques, ate fish and chips and cooked some erm questionable meals back at the campsite on our little Dixie gas cylinders. I think it's safe to say we didn't really plan out our meals, and by the time we ended up going to the festival we were living on a diet of quavers and cider - very nutritious! The festival was amazing though, Ed Sheeran (who Emily has a rather unhealthy obsession with) and Delilah were absolutely incredible, and we discovered a new band called Matthew and Me who we love, please go look at their YouTube videos here. I had such a good week, and writing about it and reliving ally the memories in my head has made me oh so excite for our trip to Glastonbury this year!!!! Eeek!

3/Moving House

Now this seems like quite boring thing to be a best memory of 2012, however, being a second year student means that last year I lived in halls. Now I've been to other peoples halls and some of them are really lovely, unfortunately I didn't live in one like that! So I was more than happy on July the 1st when we moved out of our small flat with no living room, no window in the kitchen or bathroom, a hideous shower and corridors which either smelt of burnt toast or weed! Even though our place no is far from perfect (the kitchen is the size of a shoebox!) and we are planning on moving somewhere else in summer, I love it. I have a have a bigger room and a double bed, we have a living room, a kitchen with an actual window and shower is AWESOME! I live with two of the girls I shared a flat in halls with last year, and it's a lot nicer just having the three of us rather than some 1000 odd students roaming the corridor! The week we moved in we had a BBQ in our courtyard as well which was such a good day with burgers and ciders and sunshine. It probably doesn't sound much to everyone else but it's home and I feel happy when I'm here!

 What are your best moments from 2012? I'd love to hear them, just post them in the comment box below or leave me a link to your blog if you've done a similar post yourself and I'll be sure to pop by and have a look!



  1. Lovely post! xx

  2. your new flat sounds lovely, it's such a nice feeling to move from halls to your own little place with the girls :)

    a highlight of my 2012 was definitely graduating (aghh!) but i'm looking forward to what's ahead.

    all the best for 2013!

    new to blogging! hiya!

  3. aww that is such a cute post! I can't wait to move out and get my own place!! It feels werid being back home after uni! :)
    LaceyLoves x

  4. Seems like youve had a great year! Blackpool sounds so good and you and your boyfriend are amazing! Cant wait until I can afford my own place, lucky girl! And yeah 2013 is going so quickly already!


  5. youve done so much. heres to 2013!!! love your blog, newest follower- jade xxx

  6. I love that wall art design in your room! So pretty :)
    I'm your newest follower!
    happy (belated) new year


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