Sunday, 27 January 2013

I Must Not Shop. I Must Not Shop.

Right so I went a little crazy in Boots! Someone really needs to control me!! I told my boyfriend he had to cut my cards up - his reply? "I don't need to you'll be cut off from the bank soon anyway!" Unfortunately, this is probably true! After January payday I am really going to try and curb my spending! So until at least early April I am not going to do any haul posts because I will NOT be doing any hauls!

As you saw in my last post I am a big nail art fan. And doing that post made me realise there are quite a few new designs I want to try it and for them I need new equipment! I already have the white one, but it has gone a bit gloopy,so I thought I'd buy a fresh one, and I got silver too for some pretty, intricate swirly bits. I really would recommend models own nail pens as they've worked really well for me in the past and they are, as far as I know, the most accessible brand of nail pen (I don't know of any other drug store brand that sell nail pens)

Now my next purchase seems pretty boring, but hear me out! After seeing Zoellla's drugstore video haul where she mentioned these - I suddenly began to question why I had never bought these bad boys before! They are double the size of normal cotton wool pads, and since I normally end up using about 3 cotton wool pads to take my make up off I figure they are a wise investment!


So obviously I couldn't just stop at nail pens and had to buy some actual nail varnish too! The first two Rimmel nail varnishes (280 Sunshine and 813 Round and Round the Garden) I bought for specific projects I have planned - so keep tuned for updates! The Essie nail varnish (in Cocktail Bling) I mainly bought on a whim because I wanted to try the brand since I never have, I applied it two days ago and its still going strong chip-free so so far I'm very impressed! And finally I got a Models Own black crackle effect nail varnish. I know I'm being a bit slow on the uptake here especially for someone who loves painting, but I've never used crackle nail varnish before. I always kinda felt it was a cop-out nail art, sorry if you use it all the time and love it! But I am now a crackle effect owner and I will let you know what I think of it!

Yep I also bought make up. Also on a whim. I am a bad girl and a crazy shopaholic someone help me! I've never bought Soap and Glory make up before but I have used loads of their lotions and hair products so I reckon I'm onto a winner with these! I bought the Supercat eyeliner, which I've been using all week and is absolutely fool proof! I also bought their Super Sizing lip crayon - which I've yet to use but I will review when I have, similarly with the Great Kisser lip balm. I actually wasn't going to buy that, but when I got to the till the lady at the till told me it was buy two get the third free and who am I to argue with that!?

Yes another whim purchase, I will stop with the last minute purchases now, promise! HOWEVER, in my defence this ginormous bottle of shampoo was only £1 and it has Tea Tree extract in it, and it smells crazy minty! Although I'm not overly impressed with it now I've used it. It doesn't lather particularly well, although I did shampoo my hair twice and on the the second shampooing it did lather better. But after I had washed it out my hair felt sort of dry. I've experienced this before with shampoo, and I much prefer when my shampoo leaves my hair feeling clean and conditioned and nourished :)

I bought this Clean and Clear Morning Energy face wash because it smells AMAZING. There is nothing better to wake you up in the morning that this lemony scented scrub you can take my word for it! I have a lot of problems with products like this because I can get pretty bad eczema around my eyes but so far this seems to be fine, I think as long as I moisturise my face straight after I should be good

Let me know what you think of my haul, or as usual if you have a blog then post a link in the comment box below and I'll come and check it out!



  1. I'm sooooo the same as you at the moment! Attempted to do project pan but it's just not happening! I can't go in boots or superdrug and not spend! Will power! :)

    Lauren x

  2. I am currently trying to avoid Boots & Superdrug at the moment because I always have to buy something when I go in. I love that yellow nail varnish! I wanna go and get it... oops! :) x

  3. Hahaha - I also said that all the time!

    It would mean a lot to me if you let me know what you think of my new post

  4. this post is very very very beautiful!visit my blog and follow me!

  5. ouu the essie polish looks fun!

    Steph // giveaway!! fun size beauty

  6. Hello! I came across your wonderful blog and I'm your newest follower! :) Would you mind checking out our blog & following back via GFC and Bloglovin'? Let me know!

  7. lol serioulsy whim purchases are basically the best kind of purchases one can make. they always cheer me up insanely :) thanks for your lovely comment on my blog too and i am following you via blog lovin' now, sweetheart!

    xx rae

    1. p.s. - i am your first follower on blog lovin <3

  8. hi sweety, lovely blog and graphic, I'm your new follower!
    If you want see my blog and tell me if you like this ;D

    xoxo jexika lyter

  9. I just got 2 models own nail art pens and i love them, they're amazing!

  10. Lovely new items! I really like your blog by the way, followed you on bloglovin, maybe follow me back?
    kisses and have a nice day,

  11. i love rimmel!! im your new follower:)

  12. Ahhh I want that yellow polish so badly now! I'm going shopping tomorrow too so I'm sure I'll go on a Boots rampage.My housemate swears by soap and glory concealer and I love their eyebrow pencil, I hope it's still 3 for 2 when I go. Also cannot wait to see what you do with the nail art pens!xo

  13. I really like that grey/green colour by Rimmel, I might have to get it to do a post of my own now! ;) x

  14. I like Rimmel, I have a blush and is the best one!

    Anyways have a great day! And I have a fashion blog too! Now I am incorporating more Haute Couture but it is really fun ! !

    Rafaella Online

  15. love that color from essie! looks soo chic:) amazing blog by the way!

  16. That Essie shade is a beaut, they last so long!

    Lovely post :)


  17. great stuff ... love the nailpolish!

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