Monday, 21 January 2013

7 Deadly Rings

Firstly I want to say that I have been a very poor blogger recently! I went home for a few days and then life was really hectic when I got back so haven't had much chance to post! But I have a few things planned and I'm thinking of introducing regular weekly posts on certain days to get me into a proper blogging routine!

1/ flying birds ring: Topshop, £8.50
2/ catseye off band ring: Topshop, £8.50
3/ reversible stone ring: Topshop, £6.50
4/ ottoman hands mini delicate ring: Asos, £15.00
5/ stag ring:, £6.00
6/ pearl multi finger ring: River Island, £6.00
7/ magpie ring:, £6.00

But lets get on with the post.....I am a massive jewellery hoarder! I might as well admit it now. Necklaces in particular I have tonnes of, but this month I find myself coveting rings! I sort of forget to put rings on most of the time - shame on me. But I always love other people whoe wear about 5 on each hand. So I've decided I'm now going to be a ring girl. 

I have one ring which my mum bought for me which I never take off, I wear it every single day. It's a silver band with a Celtic design and a square stone of Whitby jet. My Nan is from Whitby and we go there every year to visit family so this ring has special importance to me (I like to think of myself as a Whitby girl at heart - I'm definitely not one of 
the tourists that visit every summer because to me that place is home). I wanted to take a photo of this ring to post on here for you, but my camera is back at home and I'm currently posting from uni, I'll try and get a photo of it in my next OOTD post for you though!

These are the 7 rings which are at the very top of my January wish list. I particularly love the catseye one from Topshop because it reminds me of the YSL artsy ring everyone was coveting last year. But I also love the reversible rune on from Topshop, because as I've probably mentioned I love magicy stuff and I think this ring has a magic kind of feel to it!

The stag ring and the magpie ring are from one of my favourite online jewellery stores. A friend of mine sent me a link to it a couple of years ago knowing that I would love the items on there and I've been a regular visitor ever since! So thanks for the tip Em!

Anyway ie rambled on for long enough now, let me know what you think of the rings I've pictured, or if there are any rings you have been admiring from a far this month!


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  1. I have a slightly unhealthy obsession with rings too, I remember seeing a couple you have pointed out in my last visit to Topshop. Especially love number 2!

    Lovely blog by the way, would love if you could check out mine :)



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